Limited Assistance Representation, or L.A.R., is a fee agreement
option available when your legal needs require a specific, limited
action that can be completed in a relatively short period of time.  It is
essentially a pay-as-you-go system, where, rather than having to pay a
large retainer to the attorney up front, the client instead pays a
reasonable flat fee per legal service s/he hires the attorney to perform.

For example, if a client wants a settlement demand letter written on
their behalf in a consumer protection matter, the attorney can
accomplish that simple, specific, and limited task in a relatively short
period of time for a reasonable flat fee.  Once the task the attorney has
been hired to address has been completed, the matter is closed, and
the attorney's work is done.  Thereafter, however, if the client wishes
the attorney to conduct additional legal services -- whether related or
unrelated to the original matter -- then the client can hire the attorney
again on an L.A.R. basis to accomplish the new goal.

Examples of services available under L.A.R. include:
  • Consultation to advise pro se (self-represented) individuals
  • Preparing Legal Forms
  • Representation in a Mediation
  • Drafting a Settlement Demand Letter
  • Drafting a pleading, such as a complaint or an answer
  • Reviewing a legal contract, such as a rental lease or a severance
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