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Veterans' Benefits:  If you are a veteran who has been denied benefits by the Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA), then you may appeal the decision.  Attorney Levy assists veterans with benefits appeals
after the VA has notified the veteran that their request for benefits has been denied.  Additionally, if your
denial for benefits is a result of a discharge that was considered to be "dishonorable" or "other than
honorable," then you may be able to challenge that characterization in order to apply, and potentially
qualify for, various veteran benefits.  Attorney Levy is a VA-Accredited Attorney.  

Collaborative Law:  If you are experiencing a dispute or conflict involving your family, workplace, or
business, and if you wish there were a way to try to work out the issue in an amicable, civil and
respectful manner, then the Collaborative Law process may be for you.  In the Collaborative Law field,
each party involved in the conflict has their own attorney, and all members of the Collaborative Team
(which often includes the individuals in conflict, the lawyers, a financial and/or other specialist or
coach) agree in writing to work in a collaborative fashion to come to a global resolution for all
All parties agree NOT to go to court, which often provides a more cost-effective, private
and stable means of reaching a resolution
.  Collaborative Law works best where both parties wish to
preserve the relationship in some way, such as when
couples with children divorce, in landlord-tenant
disputes, and in
employment-related matters.  For more information, click here.

Discrimination:  If you believe you have been treated differently as a result of your race, gender,
national origin, or sexual orientation, either in the workplace, with housing or in a public area, then you
may have a valid discrimination claim.  Massachusetts law requires employers, landlords, schools, and
other places of public accommodation to treat individuals with equality and respect, and to make
reasonable accommodations available to those individuals in need.

Unemployment Benefit Appeals:  If you were denied unemployment benefits, and want to hire legal
representation to appeal the decision, then call Attorney Levy today.  Jessica Levy represents individuals
(employees) at unemployment benefit appeal hearings, with appeals to the Board, and with overpayment

Adoption:  Ms. Levy can assist in the organization and preparation of the paperwork and legal
requirements necessary to adopt your new family member.  

Limited Assistance Representation (L.A.R.):  If you need assistance with a specific legal task, such as
preparing legal forms, drafting a pleading, reviewing or drafting a written document/contract, or
negotiating a settlement through mediation, then L.A.R. may be an option for you.  
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