Are you planning to adopt a baby, and need assistance preparing the paperwork, and/or
navigating the myriad of legal procedures and requirements?

Have you been treated differently in the workplace, with housing matters, or in public
arenas as a result of your disability? Do you believe you have been discriminated against
because of your disability?

Do you want to ensure that your health care wishes and requests are clear and followed
through?  Have you considered having a Health Care Proxy?

Do you want to protect your writings, logo or products?  Have you considered having
copyrighting or trademarking your intellectual property to protect against infringement?

Does your child have special needs?  Are you having difficulty obtaining an
individualized education program (IEP) for your child/children?

Are you having difficulty obtaining public records from the federal or state government
under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the MA Public Records Laws?

Have your medical privacy rights been violated?  

If you answered YES to any of the above, you may have a potential legal claim.  
Call Attorney Levy today to set up a consultation to discuss your issue, and learn your rights.

Legal Services
Our  legal representation includes the following areas:  employment law, workers rights,
employee rights,  termination,  employee handbook, employment tests, discrimination, age
discrimination, race discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination,
national origin discrimination, disability discrimination, harassment, adverse employment action,
disparate treatment, disparate impact, retaliation, wrongful termination, unemployment benefits
hearings, mcad, dua, det, adea, ada, civil rights, lgbtq, landlord, limited assistance
representation, LAR, lawyer for the day, housing court, constitutional law, eeoc, consumer
protection, debt collection, fdcpa, fair debt collection practices act, legal collections, third party
collections, employment lawyer, plaintiffs lawyer, mediation, arbitration, massachusetts, western
mass, pioneer valley, reasonable accommodations, bullying, mental health disability, physical
disability, mental disability, anti-bullying, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment,  
discrimination in the workplace, harassment in the workplace, bullying in the workplace, foia,
public records, medical privacy, hiv/aids, unauthorized disclosures, service animal, disability
rights, lemon law, medical privacy violations, 93A, adoption, IEP, individualized education
program, school law, students rights, learning disabilities, discrimination in education, contract
review, contract negotiation, contract drafting, health care proxy, power of attorney, will, wills
and trusts, estate planning, pet trust, pets rights.
     Can You Answer YES to any of the Following Questions?  
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