Has your employer or landlord discriminated against you because of your disability,
race, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity?

Were you denied unemployment benefits?

 Are you trying to obtain public records from the federal government under the
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

Have you been retaliated against for asserting your right to be free from
discrimination in the workplace or when renting/buying a home?

 Have you been denied the right to have a service animal in your home or other

Are you a debtor or creditor who needs assistance resolving a debt collections matter?

Did you report a safety or other workplace violation, and then suffered discipline
and/or terminated within six (6) months after your complaint?

 Are you a Judgment Creditor or Attorney who needs assistance collecting a
I can help you!
Our  legal representation includes the following areas:  employment law, workers rights, employee
rights, wage and hour, hiring, firing, termination,  employee handbook, employment manual,
employment tests, discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, gender discrimination,
sexual orientation discrimination, national origin discrimination, discrimination in hiring or
promotion, disability discrimination, harassment, adverse employment action, disparate treatment,
disparate impact, retaliation, wrongful termination, flsa, unemployment benefits hearings, mcad, dua,
det, adea, ada, vacation pay, overtime, ot, social media related employment issues, civil rights, lgbtq,
bad housing conditions, landlord, tenant, notice to quit, summary process, eviction, limited assistance
representation, lar, lawyer for the day, housing court, hampden county housing court, constitutional
law, eeoc, consumer protection, debt collection, debtors' rights, fdcpa, fair debt collection practices
act, legal collections, third party collections, employment lawyer, plaintiffs lawyer, litigation,
mediation, arbitration. massachusetts, western mass, pioneer valley, fmla, family medical leave act,
reasonable accommodations, bullying, worcester, worcester ma, mental health disability, physical
disability, mental disability, anti-bullying, labor law, just cause, pregnancy discrimination, sexual
harassment, ada, adaaa, military leave, leave of absence, workplace, discrimination in the workplace,
harassment in the workplace, bullying in the workplace
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