Are you a Veteran who has been denied Pension or Disability Compensation
benefits from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA)?

Have you been discriminated against in the workplace, housing, or in public areas
as a result of your disability, race, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation, or
based on your status as a Veteran or Active Military Personnel?

Are you a Veteran or Service Member who is going through a divorce, and would
like to resolve it out of court, and in a cost-effective, civil and respectful manner?

Have you served in the U.S. Military, and want to obtain Naturalization as a Citizen
of the United States as a result of your service?

Have you been denied unemployment benefits, and wish to appeal the decision?

Are you a member or veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces who wants to know if you
may be eligible for Naturalization through their military service?

Did you know that child and/or spousal support guidelines may differ for veterans
and service members?

Do you have a Military Family Care Plan, which is a plan that all single parents, and
dual military families on active duty are required to complete in MA?

  • Appeals:  If you applied for veteran's benefits, and received an adverse decision,
    then you have the right to appeal that decision. The first step is to file a Notice of
    Disagreement (NOD).  Veterans may hire a private attorney to represent them
    with their appeal.

  • Collaborative Law is the latest legal trend. It provides an alternative to the
    traditional, adversarial, and often hostile legal process by providing an option to
    resolve their dispute in a cost-efficient, private, and respectful manner.

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